Our stories: Rupali Vig, Franchisee 7-Eleven Prahran

05 March 2024

#InspiringInclusion is about everyone in every moment. For me personally, it is something that motivates me in how I work every day, how I think, and the sense of accountability and satisfaction I have in a job well done.

Inclusive cultures grow the capability and potential of individuals and organisations because when all people, including women and people from different backgrounds, are treated equally and with respect, are heard, are valued for their strengths, and are accepted, they can contribute their diverse ideas and knowledge.

In everyday life if inclusion becomes part of each of us, we see change around us that leads to a progressive society and better workplaces. Inclusion, particularly for women and women from different cultures, gives people a sense of belonging where every individual feels connected to their work and the organisations they are part of. Reconsidering stereotypes and promoting inclusion is another way of appreciating what women bring to our workplaces and our communities, making the world a better place.

Equality and diversity bring fairness and acceptance to everyone in a business regardless of their age, gender, or background, and in turn, a diverse collection of people bring their different experiences and innovative ideas to help businesses perform well.

Organisations play a significant role and have a responsibility to ensure women feel safe, equal and honoured in their workplaces and they get recognition for their work. By doing so, we will see more successful female leaders and team members, and a positive working environment for all is critical to business performance.

What I would say to other women is to take on challenges, and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.  We should never doubt our own abilities and take pride in how we deal with the many challenges we face with courage and strength. Women play a significant role in successful businesses and our society, and we should be proud of our contribution in making organisations and our community better.

Rupali Vig Franchisee 7-Eleven Prahran

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