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Pay & Go is a new feature within the My 7-Eleven app to help you skip the queue when filling up fuel at a participating 7-Eleven fuel store. List of participating stores can be found on the app. All you have to do is download the My 7-Eleven app and activate Pay & Go by following the registration steps. When you visit a participating 7-Eleven store click on Fuel Up, follow the prompts, hit pay, fill up and you’re good to go. No need to line up at the counter.

Download the app to get started
Follow the Pay & Go prompts
Hit pay, fill & you're good to go.

Coming to a store near you

My 7-Eleven Pay & Go is rolling out nationally across the next 12 months. Open the app, tap Pay & Go and if your local store supports it, you'll be skipping the queue in no time. 

Frequently asked questions

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Pay & Go is an exciting new feature of the My 7-Eleven app which allows mobile self-checkout purchases at participating 7-Eleven stores.  The Fuel Up feature of Pay & Go allows you to pay for fuel directly via the app at participating stores.

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No, Fuel Up is part of the My 7-Eleven app and can be found on the Pay & Go Tab.

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Yes, if you have an activated Fuel Lock, it will be automatically applied to your transaction. No need to go into the store to scan your My Card.