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7-Eleven's purpose image: to make everyday easier so Australians can live a good life

Live well and belong.

Our purpose is to make every day easier so Australians can live a good life. That includes our people. 

Live well

We want to make it easier for our people to live a good life and for our business to flourish through our people. For us, a key part of that means ensuring our workplaces are inclusive, our people are supported to be themselves, and they feel confident they belong.

Our partners

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Our behaviours shape our culture, and inclusion is hey to how we want to work. It's important to us that we actively encourage and continue to foster diversity, inclusion and belonging across our workplaces.

We have partnered with a range of leading organisations, aligned with our values and purpose, to learn more about our opportunities to further  improve and grow, enabling us to continually challenge ourselves to reach higher and thrive together.

Our partners are Diversity Council Australia, Pride in Diversity, and the Sisterhood Club. Additionally we work with a number of organisations to support inclusion, belonging and connection in our communities.

7-Eleven team members working in-store

Gender equality

From our founders and early store leaders, women have held a range of leadership roles in our stores and business since our first stores opened in 1977. We believe that gender diverse organisations are better positioned to flourish, as well as creating better belonging for team members. 

Our goal is to achieve gender balance across all levels of leadership and non-leadership roles at 7-Eleven Australia and we are aiming to achieve a ratio of 40 percent female 40 percent male and 20 percent identifying as either gender or non-identifying.

Members of our Out and Proud Employee Network (OPEN)

LGBTQIA+ inclusion

It is important to us that all of our people feel comfortable and safe to be themselves at work and know that they belong. Our Out and Proud Employee Network (OPEN) is a group of our LGBTQIA+ team members and allies who lead the business to provide education and awareness of the challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community in Australia and worldwide. They support professional growth and mentoring of our LQBTQIA+ team members, and help us ensure that we are creating a welcoming and inclusive workplace for everyone.

7-Eleven team members working in-store

Cultural diversity

Since our first stores opened in 1977 through to today, we have been part of the multicultural history of Australia. As the face of migration in Australia has changed, the faces in our stores and business have changed too. For many, 7-Eleven has provided them the opportunity to invest in and operate their own small business by providing support and guidance to enable them to succeed in their new home, or the first job when they moved to Australia as part of their university studies. 

We are immensely proud of the cultural and linguistically diverse team across 7-Eleven Australia workplaces nationally. We will continue to celebrate and leverage the diversity of our team, and provide opportunities for people who live and learn in Australia.