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Help save millions of cups from landfill

Over 1 billion cups end up in landfill each year because they’re lined with plastic and need to be processed separately to be recycled. Together with Simply Cups, we're leading the cup recycling revolution in Australia so that takeaway cups can be collected, processed and recycled. 

7-Eleven cup recycling unit

We have over 660 cup recycling units, but we need your help

It's up to all of us to divert cups from landfill. After use, simply deposit your cup, lid or straw into one of our cup recycling units and we'll arrange to have them recycled. We're not fussy, we accept all brands of cups! 


#CupRescue Schools Program 

Help save millions of cups from landfill at your school by partnering up with your local 7-Eleven. Sign up and we will donate a suite of cup collection units for free.



Transforming cups using innovative technology

7-Eleven Cup Rescue cup with an upcycled car stop.

Upcycling cups

Simply Cups are constantly working with innovative new technologies to upcycle cups into useful things. So far, used cups have been turned into outdoor furniture, garden beds, reusable cups and most recently, a road! 

The 7-Eleven rCUP made from upcycled coffee cups

Reduce your daily waste with the rCUP

Made from recycled coffee cups collected through the Simply Cups UK program, the rCUP was born from a desire to create meaningful products from recycled materials. The rCUP is available for purchase at our stores, and is perfect for your everyday coffee.

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