Our packaging

Our Packaging

Please note: the REDcycle soft plastics program, hosted at supermarkets, has been temporarily paused. Therefore, although some of our soft plastic packaging may say ‘Store Drop off’, this program is temporarily unavailable. For more information visit


Introducing our most sustainable drinks packaging ever  

We’re stepping up our sustainable packaging commitments by introducing our most sustainable dispensed drinks packaging ever, thanks to a new partnership with Biopak - the market leader in eco-friendly food packaging.   ​

While it's the same great tasting coffee you know and love, every cupful now comes in packaging made with plants. ​ ​

This step brings us closer to achieving our commitment to transitioning all 7-Eleven branded packaging to be recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025. 

Our packaging has had a sustainable upgrade 

7-Eleven Hot Drinks, Slurpee and Smoothies & Frappes cups and lids are being updated. ​Alongside the changes outlined below, our straws will now be paper based, and our cutlery is now made from wood.


Our Cups ​

Our new cups are paper-based and have a lining made from plants like corn or sugarcane instead of conventional plastics, which are derived from fossil fuels.​

The cups can still be given a second life by being recycled in our Simply cups collection units in one of our 680 participating 7-Eleven stores.  ​

Our Lids ​

We have removed our black plastic and transparent dome lids and moved to a new white lid made from plants. What plants? Well, they’re a mix of sugarcane pulp and bamboo pulp, which are rapidly renewable materials. This means less carbon emissions during production, as compared to traditional plastic lids. ​

Our lids are currently going through the testing process to be certified home compostable. ​

All lids can still be given a second life by being recycled in our Simply cups collection units in participating 7-Eleven stores.  ​

Why are we making these changes?    ​

We serve over 100 million dispensed beverages each year. We have a responsibility to do what’s right for people and the planet. We aim to lead by example when it comes to providing our customers with responsibly sourced and manufactured packaging, and disposal solutions that minimize impact on our planet.    ​

We’d prefer coffee customers bring their own reusable cup, so we’re rewarding customers for reducing their environmental footprint, by offering a discount on their coffee when they bring a reusable cup.   ​

Why now?  ​

We have been exploring sustainable 7-Eleven beverage packaging options for some time.  We are pleased to now be able to roll out our new packaging offer to all our customers across Australia.

Our commitment under the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation

7-Eleven has been a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) since 2007.  We are committed to the Covenant’s objectives and targets and continue to strive toward minimising the environmental impact of packaging. We are working towards prioritising sustainability at all levels and engaging with our supply chain and partners to develop processes and organisational structures that enable sustainable business outcomes. 

7-Eleven has also been a proud partner of Closed Loop since 2018 and has helped pioneer their Simply Cups program which remains at the forefront of the disposable cup recycling revolution in Australia. To date, we’ve installed Simply Cups collection stations in over 620 7-Eleven stores nationally so that takeaway cups, lids, and straws can be collected, processed and recycled. To find out more about this exciting initiative head to 7-Eleven Cuprescue

7-Eleven has submitted our 2022 Annual Report to APCO and committed to an Action Plan for the 2022 calendar year.  7-Eleven will use the Action Plan and the key principles of the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG) to ensure that our consumer product packaging is fit for purpose, resource-efficient, made from low impact materials and, where possible, recyclable or reusable at the end of its useful life.

To find out more, please download the 7-Eleven Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation Annual Report and Action Plan here Or to find out more about APCO, please go to