Our packaging

Our commitment under the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation

7-Eleven has been a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) since 2007.  We are committed to the Covenant’s objectives and targets and continue to strive toward minimising the environmental impact of packaging. We are working towards prioritising sustainability at all levels and engaging with our supply chain and partners to develop processes and organisational structures that enable sustainable business outcomes. 

7-Eleven has also been a proud partner of Closed Loop since 2018 and has helped pioneer their Simply Cups program which remains at the forefront of the disposable cup recycling revolution in Australia. To date, we’ve installed Simply Cups collection stations in over 620 7-Eleven stores nationally so that takeaway cups, lids, and straws can be collected, processed and recycled. To find out more about this exciting initiative head to 7-Eleven Cuprescue

7-Eleven has submitted our 2022 Annual Report to APCO and committed to an Action Plan for the 2022 calendar year.  7-Eleven will use the Action Plan and the key principles of the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG) to ensure that our consumer product packaging is fit for purpose, resource-efficient, made from low impact materials and, where possible, recyclable or reusable at the end of its useful life.

To find out more, please download the 7-Eleven Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation Annual Report and Action Plan here Or to find out more about APCO, please go to https://www.packagingcovenant.org.au/