7-Eleven team working collaboratively.

7-Eleven graduate program

Build strong foundations for an exciting career through the 7-Eleven graduate program.

About the program

Developing and recognising great people is really important to the ongoing success of our business. Our 7-Eleven Graduates are part of a two-year program that helps them to build a strong foundation for an exciting career. We accept a small number of graduates each year so that we can provide great support to you as you start your career journey.

Why 7-Eleven

Whether you’ve studied business, commerce, marketing, information technology, innovation, human resources, construction, product development or something else, our diverse business provides graduates with all kinds of career opportunities.

Two-year rotational program

Structured development

Ongoing mentorship

Exposure to senior leadership

Form connections

A diverse and inclusive workforce

How it works

You get day to day support, exposure to senior leadership, structured development and one of our leaders will be your career coach. Your career coach will mentor and assist you as you learn and grow with 7-Eleven.

Experience across the board

You’ll rotate through four areas throughout the business, spending six months in each. At the end of each rotation, you have the chance to present to our senior leadership team on your experience.

Challenge yourself

You will be given the opportunity to learn and challenge yourself. Whether you are managing a district of stores or leading the new marketing campaign you will help shape our future!

Set up your career

This two-year program builds a foundation of skills and knowledge that set you up for success in your career and enable a smooth transition from the Graduate Program into your next role in the 7-Eleven team.