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7-Eleven Australia store opening in 1977

Gender equality

From our founders and early store leaders, women have held a range of leadership roles in our stores and business since our first stores opened in 1977. We believe that gender diverse organisations are better positioned to flourish, as well as creating better belonging for all team members. 

7-Eleven team member standing out the front of a store

Our goal is to achieve gender balance across all levels of leadership and non-leadership roles at 7-Eleven Australia and we are aiming to achieve a ratio of 40 percent female 40 percent male and 20 percent identifying as either gender or non-identifying.

We are actively working on encouraging, developing and supporting female talent and evolving our policies and processes to help us achieve our goal. This starts with recruitment and continues with equitable access to career opportunities through our reward practices, learning, leave and flexible working policies.

Women in 7-Eleven (TechWISE) group

Technology: Women in 7-Eleven (TechWISE)

One area we have specifically focused on to improve our gender diversity is in the technology space. Digital is a critical part of our business ambition, and it is important to us that we encourage women in this critical S.T.E.M area to learn and grow in their careers with us. 

Our Technology: Women in 7-Eleven (TechWISE) group provides networking, mentoring and support for women in the digital space in our business. We have partnered with the Sisterhood Club to support our TechWise group. Sisterhood Club’s mission is to educate and elevate women by providing access to knowledge and resources to help women succeed in their careers creating a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. 

Hear from some of our team

Authenticity and a human-centred approach are some of the things that really make a difference to me in how I lead, and how I am led. 
- Sharon Beaumont
General Manager People, Communications and Safety.

To help create a world that we are proud to hand down to future generations, we must do all we can to ensure women are equal partners in all aspects of economic, political and social life.
- Rasshii Kapoor
Team Lead - Accounts Payable.

Building an environment that fosters points of view and experiences drives increased innovation. 
- Merryn Matthews
Technical Delivery Lead.

I think organisational equality gives people the license to bring up ideas and have them considered in the same way as anyone else's. 
- David McCallum
Enhance Loyalty Squad Member.

Organisations that make women feel welcome, included and empowered are more attractive workplaces to not only women, but men also. This is particularly true for new generations coming into the workforce. 
- Anne-Sophie Aguado
Sourcing Manager.

Be bold and don't be afraid to go after something you are passionate about. There will be challenges and ostacles in your career, sometimes you will get angry and frustrated, which is all very normal. But at the end of the day, it's the actions you take from those moments that will lead you to where you need to go. 
- Isabelle Shawyer
Learn and Grow Chapter Member.