Our stories: Hazel Simpson

05 March 2024

This Friday is International Women’s Day 2024 and the theme is #InspireInclusion. This year’s campaign focuses on the need to forge a more inclusive world for women. For us at 7-Eleven Australia, our team are talking over the next week about how inspiring inclusion is up to each of us in our everyday moments.
We chatted to Hazel Simpson Area Lead – People to get her perspective on the importance of developing female talent through inclusive leadership.

"To me, as a leader at 7-Eleven, Inspire Inclusion means supporting women to develop their leadership skills so that they have the courage to be in and own the decision-making moments driving business growth. This requires a re-shape of our belief systems, removing the attitudinal barriers for them to realise their potential.
We create moments to connect every day in our work ceremonies and rituals. Our way of working supports forums for debate, to challenge the thinking and give feedback. I think there is room for all leaders to consider listening more carefully to the diversity of thought and lived experiences from everyone in their teams. It takes courage to speak up and be heard, and an organisation like 7-Eleven that creates the safe space and encourages young female leaders to do so, is the place where I want to be.
I am grateful for the opportunities to focus on my growth and development over the last 10 years here at 7-Eleven, particularly the last 12 months. I have had the benefit of spending valuable time connecting with female leaders who are invested in creating space to learn and grow as individuals but also recognising the value of sharing experiences as part of the Wisdom Tribe. I want to be part of the next tribe of leaders chosen, to support them through mentoring and offer guidance allowing them to make informed choices driving the re-shape of the system."

Hazel Simpson

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