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Our stories: Adele Rowan

08 March 2024

As part of our International Women's Day 2024 conversations, Adele Rowan, Digital Platform Operations Lead has reflected on what diversity and #InspireInclusion means to her. 

Diversity is a fact, particularly living in Melbourne which is a melting pot of people with different cultural backgrounds, languages, and religious faiths.

Believing in the importance of inclusion aligns with my core values of respect, kindness, and fairness. Acting on these beliefs through promoting inclusion is a way for me to live authentically and uphold the principles that matter most to me.

Inspiring inclusion also lays the groundwork for a more equitable and harmonious future, so it's important to be part of the solution, advocating for systems and practices that ensure everyone has equal opportunities and rights.

Inclusion is a societal issue: It's not just about women; it's about creating a society where everyone is valued and included. Lasting change demands the participation of all individuals.

The path to gender equality and inclusion is fraught with challenges and setbacks. Historical and recent events remind us that progress is not linear nor guaranteed. Rights and freedoms can be quickly eroded if not actively protected and championed. It requires the concerted effort of individuals, communities, organisations, and governments to safeguard the gains made in gender equality and to push for further advancements.

Representation matters. Women account for half of the global population and merit equal opportunities in health, education, employment, and politics. Their involvement in decision-making processes ensures that gender equality is integrated across all aspects of society, making it more resilient and harder to dismantle.

Diversity and equality offer numerous benefits to organisations and the broader community, driving innovation, enhancing performance, and fostering a more cohesive society.

Organisations benefit from boosted creativity and innovation because a diverse workforce brings together unique perspectives from our multicultural population. This blend of ideas is the lifeblood of innovation, sparking creative solutions and fostering a culture of ingenuity that keeps our businesses ahead of the curve.

Diverse organisations have elevated performance. The findings of the Global Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum, showed organisations that champion gender diversity, especially in leadership roles, are boosting their bottom line. Diversity in thought and leadership correlates strongly with better financial outcomes and decision-making.

Businesses that are visibly committed to diversity and equality are magnets for global talent. This reputation not only attracts a broad spectrum of skills and experiences but also helps retain top talent, contributing to a thriving and competitive business environment.

For other women who might be inspired by my career, I would say make sure you are speaking up. Your voice is a powerful asset. Advocate for yourself and others, share your ideas, and engage in discussions. This act of speaking up not only paves the way for new opportunities but also has the potential to drive significant change.

Embrace the unknown by venturing into new territories. Facing what scares you brings invaluable experiences far beyond the comfort of the familiar, but trust in your ability to adapt, overcome challenges and learn from every outcome.

Adele Rowan

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