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Why franchise with 7-Eleven?

Own your own business and build a work-life balance that suits you. 7-Eleven is an Australian owned globally recognised brand who will support you along each step of your journey.

Benefits of being a 7-Eleven franchisee

Owning a 7-Eleven franchise means owning an Australian business. It’s your opportunity to be a part of your local community, interact with customers every day, and build something that's yours. We’ll help you at every step of the way, from setup and training, to marketing and even bookkeeping, we’ll help turn your new investment into a solid investment.

In-store stock

We’ll set up shop for you

Store location and design is a science best left to the experts. Our Property team will choose a site that puts you right where the customers are. Your store layout will be masterfully planned by our Merchandising team, before the Construction gurus get to work.

Franchisee setting up promotional material in store

We'll give you training

A comprehensive 8 week training program before you start in your store. This will ensure you know what to do from day one in your new store. We will bring you up to speed on the systems and processes that will ensure you can successfully run your new store.

Store employee restocking milk for coffee machines.

We source everything for you

Every day, we negotiate with product suppliers for you, recommend products to stock and ensure that you’re offering the fuels your customers want. We also provide marketing support to help drive sales.

Once you're up and running

Not only will we help you get started, 7-Eleven is there to support you every step of the way.

We offer 24 hour support

We manage the fuel

We take payroll admin off your hands

We have brands you won’t find anywhere else

We help with book-keeping

We provide Marketing support with advertising and promotions.

We deal with suppliers to get you the best products

Our success is your success

The 7-Eleven franchised business model is one with a difference, because we tie our financial success to the success of our Franchisees. We share in the profits, so it’s in our interest to ensure that we continually meet the needs of our customers to grow our sales, and in turn our profits.

Fuel sales

Franchisees of fuel stores receive a commission payment of 1.5 cents per litre sold.


Minimum Guaranteed Gross Income

The 7-Eleven Store Agreement provides franchisees with a guaranteed yearly gross income of $365,300 for Fuel stores, and $399,000 for Non Fuel stores. If a franchise is not making this amount, 7-Eleven will adjust monthly charge to cover this minimum gross income.
From time to time, 7-Eleven may make discretionary increases to these amounts.

Merchandise sales

7-Eleven operates the following Progressive Merchandise Gross Profit Share:

Store Merchandise Gross Profit $Franchisee  Earns 7-Eleven Charges
First $500,000

Next $500,000 ($500,001 - $1,000,000) 



Amounts over and above ($1,000,000 - onwards) 
7-Eleven employees holding an award.

Share our achievements

As a 7-Eleven franchisee, you’ll share in the awards and accolades that recognise our excellence in franchising and retailing. Join us to be a part of our smart and solid franchising business.

A map of Victoria containing franchise opportunities available.

Explore the latest franchise opportunities

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