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My 7-Eleven App Fuel Price Lock feature saves Australian drivers when filling up

24 May 2022

Australians looking to save at the bowser have taken advantage of the My 7-Eleven App Fuel Price Lock feature to save on fuel in the last 12 months, with average savings of up to 18 cents per litre* for some customers.

According to 7-Eleven General Manager – Customer, Julie Laycock, while the savings per litre vary, and aren’t guaranteed, some savvy customers have been able to maximise their savings potential.

“The My 7-Eleven App Fuel Price Lock feature allows our customers to search for the best price at the five closest 7-Eleven stores to their current location, and then to lock that price in to use at any 7-Eleven fuel store in Australia for the next seven days,” Ms Laycock said.

“When it comes to saving, of course savings vary, and can’t be guaranteed. Some customers may be saving a few cents a litre by using the fuel price lock to access the best local price when they are ready to fill up. Other people have saved a lot more over the course of a year by locking in their price at the lower points in the fuel cycle and redeeming their price lock when fuel is more expensive.”

“When we look at the fuel price locks redeemed between April 1 2021 and April 1 2022, collectively, the customers who redeemed a fuel price lock saved an average of 18 cents per litre nationally or an average of $6.89 per fill. The average saving varies between customers and depends on factors such as purchase frequency, volume, location, fuel type and market conditions.”

Ms Laycock says that the fuel price lock available makes it more convenient to take advantage of savings opportunities.

“Customers might see that the fuel price in the area they are in is cheap, but they might not need to fill a full tank, or it might not be convenient to stop and get fuel when they see that price. By using our My 7-Eleven App Fuel Price Lock, they can lock in that price, and then redeem that price within 7 days when they need a full tank or at a time and location that suits them,” she said.

“If the price at the pump is cheaper when the customer goes to redeem their fuel price lock, the customer will pay the cheaper price.”

Ms Laycock says that the My 7-Eleven App also provides extra value through offers and rewards.

“As a bonus, the app has loyalty rewards, offers and discounts. It also can be linked with your Velocity Frequent Flyer card to earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points on fuel purchases and other instore eligible purchases,” Ms Laycock said.

7-Eleven sells a full range of high-quality Mobil fuel which is designed to reduce harmful engine deposits including E10, Special Unleaded, Extra 95, Premium 98 and Special Diesel.


*Notes to editors:

Australian motorists using My 7-Eleven Fuel Price Lock between 1 April 2021 and 1 April 2022 saved an average of 18 cents per litre nationally or an average of $6.89 per fill.

The average cents per litre saving varies by customer, and depends on frequency and volume of fill, location, fuel type and other factors, however overall the average cents per litre saving across the total fuel litres purchased during that time with a Fuel Price Lock was 18 cents per litre.

In NSW the average was 18 cents per litre, QLD the average was 19 cents per litre, and in VIC and WA the average was 17 cents per litre.

Fuel Price Lock is a feature of the My 7-Eleven App and is redeemable at 7-Eleven stores only.

Savings not guaranteed and may vary by store, market conditions and individual circumstances. 7-Eleven’s best local prices displayed in app are updated periodically and are not “live”, and may not be the same price displayed at the pump when you visit 7-Eleven. The app does not compare prices offered by other retailers. Conditions and exclusions apply. See https://www.7eleven.com.au/mobile/my-7-eleven-app-fuel-price-lock-terms-and-conditions.html for details.

Picture of a phone with My 7-Eleven App fuel price lock on the screen in front of a 7-Eleven Coffee Machine.

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