Fuel Price Lock



The Fuel Lock Feature allows you to search nearby 7-Eleven Stores that sell your preferred type of fuel and find the best current local price.  If you wish, you can lock in your best local price for a chosen type of fuel (Fuel Lock) (up to 150 litres) for up to 7 days on your App.  Once locked in, your App will hold your Fuel Lock until its expiry date.  You can then purchase your chosen type of fuel at the Fuel Lock price (for one transaction) by presenting your My Card to redeem the Fuel Lock, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (in particular please see "Errors or other issues" below which explains what will happen if, in certain circumstances, it is not possible to redeem the Fuel Lock).

The Fuel Lock Feature requires access to your location information on your Device in order to function.

Checking Our Best Local Price

You can use the Fuel Lock Feature to check fuel prices near your location even if you don't want to lock in the price.  The App will usually communicate with 7-Eleven’s system and identify up to five 7-Eleven Stores that are closest (within a 250 km radius) to your current location and have your preferred fuel type available, and identify the cheapest reported fuel price of your preferred fuel type at those 7-Eleven Stores (Our Best Local Price).  If the App cannot identify any 7-Eleven Stores with your selected fuel grade within 250 km of you, or is unable to check the fuel price from 7-Eleven’s systems (for example, due to communication or system issues), the Fuel Lock Feature may not operate and no Our Best Local Price is displayed.

Our Best Local Price displayed in the App is not “live”, but instead is based on the fuel price recorded by 7-Eleven’s systems at a point in time when the fuel price at the relevant 7-Eleven Store was last checked.  A check is usually triggered by the App when you open the App and then again at least once each hour.  The App will display the date and time of the last update (as reported by 7-Eleven’s systems) when displaying Our Best Local Price. 

Note that because actual fuel price fluctuates from time to time and Our Best Local Price is a point in time price, Our Best Local Price displayed may not be the same price displayed at the pump when you visit the 7-Eleven Store.  Unless you are redeeming a Fuel Lock as per these Terms and Conditions (in which case the price for the chosen fuel type that was saved by the Fuel Lock will apply, as per the terms below), you need to pay the pump price at the relevant 7-Eleven Store, even if the App shows a different price.

Our Best Local Price does not compare prices offered by other fuel retailers.

The Our Best Local Price displayed on your App is valid for a Fuel Lock for up to 15 minutes.  After this period, the Our Best Local Price will time out, but you can check the best local fuel price again using the Feature to obtain another Our Best Local Price.  However, to prevent abuse, we impose limits on the number of times Our Best Local Price can be checked per person per day.

Locking in Our Best Local Price

If you are eligible for Fuel Lock, the App will allow you to activate the Fuel Lock to lock in the Our Best Local Price by pressing the “Lock in My Best Local Price” button.  The button will be disabled if you are not eligible.

You are not eligible for Fuel Lock if: (1) you already have an unexpired Fuel Lock that you have not yet redeemed; (2) you have activated Fuel Lock for 2 times in the past 24 hour period; or (3) the Our Best Local Price has timed out (see clause under "Checking Our Best Local Price" above).

Please note that, if you activate a Fuel Lock, all other discounts and offers relating to fuel price that were available to you on the App will be void.

You do not buy fuel (or commit to buy fuel) at the time you activate the Fuel Lock.  No charge applies for activating the Fuel Lock.  After the Fuel Lock is activated, you decide when and whether to redeem it.

A Fuel Lock automatically expires exactly 7 days after you activated it, unless you redeem it earlier.  The expiry date and time of an activated Fuel Lock are shown on the App.

You cannot cancel an activated Fuel Lock.  You must either redeem it, or wait for it to expire.

A Fuel Lock is personal to you and your 7-Eleven Account.  It is not transferable.

Redeeming the Fuel Lock

You can redeem an activated Fuel Lock at any time before its expiry at any 7-Eleven Store in Australia which sells the fuel type of the Fuel Lock. Please see "Errors or other issues" below which explains what will happen if, in certain circumstances, it is not possible to redeem the Fuel Lock.

To redeem a Fuel Lock, you have to present your My Card for scanning at the counter before you pay for the fuel in that transaction.  The price that was saved by the Fuel Lock (for the chosen fuel type) will be applied to your fuel purchase of that type (for up to 150 litres).  If you are purchasing more fuel than the maximum in that transaction, the excess will be charged at the then current price as shown at the pump.

If you purchase multiple items when redeeming a Fuel Lock that match any applicable offers available through the App and you scan your My Card, all applicable offers will be redeemed and applied in that transaction.  You cannot selectively redeem individual offers in one transaction (but you may, for example, purchase only your fuel and scan your My Card to redeem your Fuel Lock in one transaction and then purchase different items in different transactions and only scan your My Card in some of those transactions).

If you redeem a Fuel Lock and the price saved by the Fuel Lock is higher than the actual pump price, the Fuel Lock will still be redeemed, but you will pay at the lower pump price.

Each Fuel Lock may only be redeemed against one transaction.  If you purchase multiple fuel items in a single transaction (of the same fuel type as the Fuel Lock), the Fuel Lock will apply to all fuel items purchased in that transaction, subject to the maximum specified above.

Once redeemed, the Fuel Lock will be removed from your App.

You must pay for all the fuel that you purchase.  You can choose to pay using cash, eftpos or credit cards accepted by the 7-Eleven Store.  Please note that if you have redeemed a Fuel Lock, you cannot pay that transaction with Fleet Card, Motorcharge, Motorpass or 7-Eleven Fuel Card.

Errors or other issues with the Fuel Lock

Despite anything else in these Terms and Conditions, to the extent legally permitted we may cancel or refuse to process any Fuel Lock if:

  • the Fuel Lock is clearly affected by an error.  For example, if the App accidentally reports that Our Best Local Price is 1 cent per litre; or
  • 7-Eleven has reasonable grounds to suspect that the Fuel Lock is not used in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

In rare cases, 7-Eleven or its systems may not be able to redeem your activated Fuel Lock at the time you wish to make your fuel purchase (for example, the equipment necessary for scanning your My Card may not be available or operational).  If this happens, and you have already dispensed the fuel, you must purchase the fuel at the standard pump price and finalise payment at that price.  We will provide you with a gift card to the value of the difference (rounded up to the nearest dollar), if you follow the following steps:

  • please obtain and retain a store transaction receipt for the proof of purchase;
  • in the settings menu of the App you can find contact details for the 7-Eleven Customer Service; and
  • email your receipt to 7-Eleven Customer Service.

The gift card may be used at any 7-Eleven store in accordance with our Gift Card Terms and Conditions (available at https://www.7eleven.com.au/services/7-Eleven-gift-cards/gift-card-terms-and-conditions.html).