A 7-Eleven team member in-store with milk and fresh produce.

Our history

Serving our local communities since 1977.

The 7-Eleven Australia story

The first 7-Eleven store opens in Australia. Oakleigh, Victoria, 24 August, 1977.

Where it all began

Our founders, the Withers and Barlow families, have been in the grocery and grocery wholesale business dating back to 1919. In 1976, with an eye on emerging retail trends, they signed the area license agreement to bring the 7-Eleven brand to Australia, opening the first store in Oakleigh, Victoria in 1977.

Cars parked outside a 7-Eleven store at night.

Continuous innovation

From when the first 24 hour trading store opened in 1978, our business has continually innovated to meet the needs of our customers. The corner store grocery style offering of the seventies and eighties gave way to the well-stocked fuel stores and central business district convenience hubs of the nineties and beyond. 

A 7-Eleven store assistant talks to a customer in-store.

Customer focus

Today sees our customers enjoy our extensive range of food on the go, our coffee and a range of new digital services. Whether our customers need fuel, a fresh sandwich, a latte or to send a parcel at 10pm, we’re there 24/7. We’ll be there to serve the ever-changing needs of our customers.