Ready for Fresh Ground Coffee & Hot Chocolate?

Ready for
freshly ground coffee?

  • Coffee
    How do you have yours?

    Coffee made with freshly ground
    beans, just how you like it.

    Short black

    Long black


    Flat white


    Full cream or low fat milk

    $1 REG · $2 LGE · $3 SUP

  • Iced Coffee
    On the rocks!

    Refreshing Iced Coffee from real
    coffee beans. Make it yourself, just
    how you like it.

    Peel back the lid to reveal your ice.

    Add freshly ground coffee and chilled milk.

    Enjoy as it is, or with a splash of sugar syrup.

    Grab a cup of ice
    from the freezer today

  • Coffee Melt
    With creamy vanilla

    Frozen, creamy Peters vanilla base
    topped with freshly ground coffee.
    Make it yourself today in store.

    Peel back the lid to reveal your vanilla base.

    Add freshly ground coffee.


    Grab a coffee melt cup
    from the freezer today

  • Hot Chockee
    Rich and creamy

    The perfect chocolaty treat,
    made just how you like it.

    Peel back the lid.

    Add steamed full cream milk,
    low fat milk or hot water.


    Grab a hot chockee cup today
    You'll find it by the coffee machine