At 7-Eleven, we’re proud to offer you a fairer coffee. Our coffee is Fairtrade certified, giving farmers and their communities more choice.

Proudly Fairtrade Certified

Farmers can start the day right, thanks to fairer pay and working conditions.

Fairtrade has standards in place to ensure producers receive a fair price for their coffee beans. This price can go above the market rate, but never below. This allows farming communities to plan ahead, knowing how much coffee they will be selling and at what price. 

Proudly Fairtrade Certified

Communities are supported in mitigating the effects of climate change.

Environmental protection is paramount to securing the livelihoods and living conditions of farming communities. Fairtrade supports the development of projects that enhance resilience to climate change and help reduce carbon emissions through their climate standards. 

Proudly Fairtrade Certified

Women are empowered, through training programs and gender standards.

For every Fairtrade coffee bean 7-Eleven buys , we pay a premium – an extra payment that goes directly to the farming community, which can be spent on initiatives such as women’s training programs. Additionally, gender standards ensure women on Fairtrade farms are treated and compensated equitably.

Proudly Fairtrade Certified

The premium can pay for new equipment, too.

Each year, the community hosts a general meeting to decide what the premium will be spent on. Farms that 7-Eleven source coffee beans from have previously spent their premium on new farming equipment, educational initiatives, community gardens, solar panels, health clinics and other projects that will benefit the community. Farming cooperatives are empowered to spend 75% of the premium on initiatives that they need most, while the remaining 25% is spent on improving coffee quality.

Proudly Fairtrade Certified

At Coopervitae in Minas Gerais, one of the initiatives the premium paid for is an ambulance.

Elaine, a nurse in the community, can now make house calls thanks to an ambulance paid for using the Fairtrade premium. Here, she’s pictured with Bruno, one of the Fairtrade farmers and a recipient of her care.

Proudly Fairtrade Certified

Farmers can end the day right, too.

At Fairtrade certified farms, all staff work reasonable hours that allow for adequate rest. Farming communities benefit from having spare time to spend on what matters most.

7-Elevens sources coffee from India and Brazil, including the farms at Coopervitae in Minas Gerais, where the above imagery was taken. 

 A product can only be Fairtrade certified if every part of the supply chain, from farmers to manufacturer, have met Fairtrade Standards. Learn more about Fairtrade: https://fairtradeanz.org/