7-Eleven Social Media House Rules

Our 7-Eleven Social Media pages are a fun place where you can share your experiences with us - we want to hear it all! We ask that you are respectful and polite, but also be open to different opinions and of course, please follow our house rules.

House rules:

  • Our products and services are enjoyed by all ages so please keep the language and images clean.
  • Be kind, polite and respectful, we welcome different perspectives and points of view.  
  • Hateful or discriminatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or political beliefs will not be tolerated and will be deleted.
  • Trolling, spamming, fraudulent or deliberately misleading posts will be deleted.
  • Repetitive or continuous posts aren’t enjoyable for anyone and will be removed.
  • Websites or files containing viruses that could damage the operation of other people’s computers or mobile devices will be deleted.
  • This is a public place, so please don’t post personal information such as someone's email address, street address or phone number. Posts that contain an infringement of another party’s intellectual property rights will be deleted.     

Anyone who repeatedly break these house rules will be blocked from our community. If you see a post you believe isn’t following our house rules, please flag it with us by contacting our Customer Service team.

You can get in touch with our Customer Service team by emailing 24-7customerservice@7eleven.com.au or call 1800 247 711 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm or Sat-Sun 8am-4pm).

7-Eleven Australia claims no liability in any way connected to the uses of or access to the 7-Eleven social media pages.