Sweet Treats

A yummy little something to go with your coffee? Then check out our sweet treats. We’ve got super spongy lamingtons, muffins, banana bread, caramel slice, cakes, the list goes on!

7-Eleven Carrot Cake
7-Eleven Chocolate Chip Cookie
7-Eleven Blueberry Muffin
7-Eleven Banana & Walnut Bread
7-Eleven Berry & White Chocolate Cookie
7-Eleven Caramel Slice
7-Eleven Lemon Slice
7-Eleven Chocolate & Caramel Muffin
7-Eleven Apple Carrot & Sultana Muffin
7-Eleven Chocolate Chip Muffin
7-Eleven Rainbow Cookie
7-Eleven Chocolate Brownie
7-Eleven Orange & Poppyseed Muffin
7-Eleven Chocolate Cake
7-Eleven Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffin
7-Eleven Banana Bread
7-Eleven Granola & Cranberry Cookie
7-Eleven Chocolate Chip Muffin Twin
7-Eleven Lamington
7-Eleven Blueberry Muffin Twin
7-Eleven Granola Slice
Grab a coffee - add a bite - $2ea with any coffee purchase

Sweet baked goods.

$2ea with any coffee purchase.