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Fill up with Mobil at over 400 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

Thanks to their latest detergent additives, Mobil's fuels at 7-Eleven stores are designed to improve engine performance helping to provide you with better fuel economy and a smoother running engine. How's that for awesome?

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All Mobil petrol & diesel grades meet Australian Fuel Quality Standards.

Special Unleaded 91

Special Unleaded 91 (91 OCTANE) helps to improve:

  • Fuel Economy
  • Emissions
  • Corrosion Protection
Note that certain vehicle manufacturers may recommend use of premium fuel, particularly with more recent car models.

Extra 95

Extra 95 (95 OCTANE) is a premium grade petrol. It helps to improve:

  • Engine Responsiveness
  • Fuel Economy
  • Emissions

Supreme+ 98

Supreme+ 98 (98 OCTANE) is a premium grade petrol enhanced with a high quality multifunctional additive package for high performance vehicles. Supreme+ 98 is engineered for top performance and helps to improve:

  • Engine Responsiveness
  • Engine Efficiency
  • Fuel Economy
  • Emissions

Special E10 94

Special E10 94 (94 OCTANE) contains up to 10% Ethanol. It helps to improve:

  • Emissions
  • Fuel Economy
  • Corrosion Protection
Most petrol fuelled vehicles built after 1986 are compatible with fuel blended up to 10% ethanol, whereas many pre-1986 vehicles are not.
We recommend that you follow your vehicle manufacturer's advice on suitability of E10 petrol for you vehicle, by consulting your vehicle handbook or contacting the manufacturer directly

Special Diesel

Special Diesel is suitable for use in all diesel powered engines currently on the road in Australia. It provides a cleaner and faster fill and helps to improve:

  • Fuel Economy
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Emissions

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For businesses, use it for fuel and in-store purchases. Other benefits include:

  • No joining fees
  • Flexible range of card types and products
  • Discounts on every litre*
  • Up to 44 payment free days
  • 1. Emissions refers to carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and/or nitrogen oxides.
  • 2. Claims are based on one of the following
    • (1) internal or third party vehicle engine testing; and/or (2) government publications; and/or
    • (3) industry or scientific literature.
  • 3. Basis for Mobil additised fuel comparison is versus unadditised fuel of the same grade.
  • 4. Claims for fuels containing ethanol are compared with ethanol fuels without additive.
  • 5. Clean-up of diesel injectors was demonstrated via testing of randomly selected "on the road" vehicles.
  • 6. Engine type, driving behaviour and other factors may also impact fuel and vehicle performance.
  • 7. Mobil additised fuels are available at participating 7-Eleven stores only.