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Pre-authorisation Information

You authorise a pre-authorisation hold against your nominated card equal to the value of the selected amount (Pre-Authorisation Hold). This will show on your statement until your bank has finalised payment.  You may fill up fuel up to the amount of the Pre-Authorisation Hold and you will only be charged what you fill.

If a Pre-Authorisation Hold is not granted for any reason, you will not be able to proceed.  A Pre-authorisation Hold will be made each time you authorise payment using a nominated card. This may result in multiple Pre-authorisation Holds – for example, if you cancel a payment authorisation, or a payment authorisation times out, and you proceed with another payment authorisation. 7-Eleven is not responsible for, and has no influence over, the time it takes for your bank to release a Pre-authorisation Hold (or any part of) or if multiple Pre-Authorisation Holds, result in your bank declining a transaction due to insufficient funds.   Please contact your bank if you have any questions.