Supporting our community: bushfire relief

07 January 2020

Like all Australians, we are shocked and saddened by the devastation brought to individuals, families, communities and wildlife by the bushfires across our country. The immediate impact of the bushfires is obvious to see, however the long-term impact on individuals and communities may not obvious for some time to come.

All our thoughts and best wishes go out to those impacted directly and indirectly by the fires including evacuations and possible loss of property. The efforts of those fighting the fires – including people in our own business - and those providing support to the many impacted by what is unfolding are truly great examples of our capacity to help one another in times of need.

With this in mind, 7-Eleven is donating $250,000 to support bushfire relief efforts. We will allocate this money to the bushfire relief efforts in NSW and Victoria, and for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation across both states.

Thank you to the firefighters, emergency services workers and volunteers for their selfless contributions. These remarkable individuals deserve our support, respect, and of course thanks.