7-Eleven Good Cause program

01 August 2018

Since opening our first Australian 7-Eleven store 1977, we have been committed to contributing to the communities in which we live and operate.

In our time, our efforts have seen us:

  • raise over $500k for breast cancer
  • provide water during emergencies
  • raise funds for children’s hospitals and disaster relief
  • support local sporting clubs, events and community organisations

This inherent desire to support those around us has led to the development of the 7-Eleven Good Cause - our community partnerships program is designed to make a genuine difference to the network around us.

Good Cause’s key areas of focus are food, migrants, youth and local communities. The program gives us the chance to help those who can’t afford a decent meal for their family and migrants who are struggling to settle into a new country without a job or friends.

Good Cause also provides opportunities for our team to work alongside chosen partners to shape projects and outcomes. We want to give our time, talent and treasure. For us, it’s about more than just giving money.

It gives a home to all our existing charitable activities and highlights where we can add value to the incredible charities already doing great work in Australia.

Right now, with 13.3% of the population living in poverty, one in 200 people homeless and two million more struggling to feed their families, more support and awareness is needed.

As Australia’s third largest private company, we have the power to shine a light on the causes we are passionate about. We want to tell the stories of our partner organisations and share what our team members and company have helped to contribute to the community.

We’ll be sharing more about our key partnerships and the outcomes we help to achieve, and are looking forward to sharing the work of our partners and our people with you.