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Plant based food on the go now available at 7-Eleven Australia

03 June 2020

People looking for vegan friendly options or a delicious meat-free alternative can now drop into 7-Eleven Australia for plant based versions of traditional favourites.

7-Eleven No Chicken and Lettuce Sandwich ($5), 7-Eleven No Egg and Lettuce Sandwich ($5), 7-Eleven No Beef Pie ($4) and 7-Eleven No Sausage Roll ($4) are available nationally in all stores for customers seeking tasty, plant based food on the go.

According to Julie Laycock, 7-Eleven Australia General Manager Marketing, 7-Eleven’s food innovation team has worked hard to ensure the plant based options taste just like their meat based counterparts.

“We didn’t just want to have plant based options, we wanted to make sure they were tasty products in their own right. Our team developed these exclusive products with our suppliers, and we’ve done extensive testing with consumers to ensure the new products taste delicious,” Ms Laycock said.

“The convenience of being able to drop into one of our 700+ stores makes it even easier for people looking for vegan friendly and vegetarian food and those who want to mix plant based meals into their diet more often.”

While 7-Eleven Australia’s range of plant based options continues to grow, Ms Laycock says it’s about providing options for consumers.

“While our range includes our traditional meat and animal products, these new products provide more choices for more people. As Australia is one of the fastest growing plant based food markets in the world, it’s important to us that we continue to provide tasty, great value products for as many people as possible,” she said.

Ms Laycock said the company is looking to add to the range of plant-based choices across its network.

“We’re continually looking at how we can provide more choice in our range. We’re trialling a soy milk option for coffee in a small number of stores in Victoria. We’ve converted our 7-Eleven Falafel Wrap to be vegan-friendly,  and we have a vegan friendly 7-Eleven Teriyaki Mushroom Onigiri in a number of our stores also. We encourage customers to try our plant based and vegan friendly products and share their thoughts with us on social media,” Ms Laycock concluded.