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7-Eleven's award winning fuel app reaches 2M downloads and $16.8M in savings for Aussie drivers

16 October 2019

7-Eleven Australia’s award winning fuel app has hit two million downloads, and Aussie drivers have collectively saved more than $16.8 million dollars on their fuel since January 2017.

According to 7-Eleven Australia CEO, Angus McKay, the company’s customers have benefited from locking in when prices are lower and redeeming over the following 7 days when it is convenient for them to do so.

“Our customers have saved $16.8 million since January 2017, an average of $5.25 per fill (14 cents per litre). By locking in when fuel pricing is lower in the market and filling up when it suits them over the following 7 days, the app makes saving on fuel purchases convenient for customers,” Mr McKay said.

“Use of the app continues to grow as consumers take advantage of the potential savings by locking in their fuel prices. In the last week of September 2019 consumers saved in excess of $330,000, with an average saving of $7.27 per fill (20 cents per litre).”

The 7-Eleven Fuel App uses a customer’s current location and fuel price data to allow motorists to find the best local fuel price at their five closest 7-Eleven stores. They can ‘lock in’ that price and redeem it at any 7-Eleven Australia fuel store within the next 7 days. If the price of petrol at the store is lower than what customers have ‘locked in’, then they pay the lower pric

“7-Eleven aims to be competitive in our everyday fuel pricing, but the app gives customers the opportunity to take control when petrol is cheaper, and use that price lock when it’s convenient for them that week and maximise their savings per fill,” Mr McKay said.

Consumers can also use the app to search and compare 7-Eleven’s local prices when they are choosing where to stop for fuel. More than 36 million best local price searches have been completed, empowering consumers to make informed choices about buying fuel.

Customers with the app get access to special product offers and free giveaways in addition to the fuel price lock capability.