7-Eleven people management systems to support franchisees

27 November 2019

Inside Franchise Business

For a small business owner, ensuring employment administration is managed well is key to ensure the business is operating smoothly and in line with legislative standards. It also protects both the employer and the employee by ensuring there are clearly documented and understood rights and obligations for both parties.

While it’s vital to get this part of running a business right, making the processes more efficient gives small business owners more time to invest back into their people and into their business.

With that in mind, 7-Eleven Australia is continuing to evolve its technology across its network with the addition of a cloud-based people management system – Workday.

According to 7-Eleven Australia general manager people and communications, Sharon Beaumont, the new system will save a significant amount of time and hassle for the business’ franchisees and other people leaders as well as providing a better experience for employees.

“We’ve invested in adding HROnboard and Workday digital systems to our existing digital rostering and payroll ecosystem. HROnboard  manages onboarding and offboarding including a letter of offer, employment contracts and ensuring tasks are completed as well as role changes or off-boarding a team member.”

“The more recently launched workday system allows people leaders and employees to manage leave requests, payslips, and other tasks online or through an app. Thanks to HROnboard , Workday and our digitised roster time and attendance system, employee and employer admin is paperless. It’s simpler, intuitive and convenient,” Beaumont said.

“With the introduction of the HROnboard  system, the process has gone from a three week paper based system to a fully digitised process taking about 24 hours. With HROnboard  more than 27,000 pieces of paper will be saved in less than a year,” she said.

The more recently introduced Workday system also provides a centralised master data system for its people in addition to simplifying day to day employee and employer administration.

“As 7-Eleven Australia looks to continue to grow and evolve at a sustainable but ever more rapid pace, getting the foundations in place to make our internal processes and systems digital, efficient and engaging for our people is as critical to reaching our goals as providing convenient and compelling digital solutions for our customers,” Beaumont said.

“HROnboard  and Workday have made a strong contribution to our progress in achieving those goals.”

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