7-Eleven launches Australia’s first cashless and cardless convenience store

29 May 2019

In an Australian first, 7-Eleven Australia has launched a cashless and cardless concept convenience store in Melbourne’s inner suburb of Richmond where customers use their smartphones to complete their transactions.

The new store is a completely new retail experience for 7-Eleven customers in Australia, with no physical checkout counter and everything happening within a specially designed app. Customers walk around the store, pick the items they want, scan barcodes and pay via the app. Instead of processing transactions, store team members can focus on greeting and assisting customers and on delivering the brand’s growing food offer.

The innovative technology was first tested in 7-Eleven’s Exhibition Street Melbourne store alongside the traditional point of sale system before the fully cashless and cardless offering launched at 7-Eleven’s new concept store in Richmond, part of the business’ new national office.

Angus McKay, 7-Eleven Chief Executive Officer, said that 7-Eleven is committed to providing more enjoyable and convenient shopping experiences.

“Nobody likes to wait, so eliminating queues was part of the mission for this mobile checkout. In the new concept store, customers will notice the absence of a counter. The store feels more spacious and customers avoid being funnelled to a checkout location creating a frictionless in-store experience.

“Continuing our focus on providing ultimate convenience, this year we’re trialling a catering service, and we’re thinking about ways to provide an extraordinary experience to more customers, more often, in more ways that suit them. That might be delivery, it might be micro store formats. We’re trying to push the notion of ‘convenience’ to its absolute limit,” said McKay.

Making the payment transaction as simple as possible, customers create a user profile on their smartphone app, linking their credit card and uploading a selfie. Customers will be able to scan their own items on their phone and check out within seconds without having to queue or re-enter their payment details.

To shop at the cashless and cardless 7-Eleven concept store, download the 7-Eleven store app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and visit 7-Eleven at 2/658 Church Street, Richmond.