7-Eleven Australia celebrates with presents for consumers

06 November 2019

There are freebies galore for Australians to take advantage of on Thursday 7 November as part of this year’s 7-Eleven Day celebrations. On the seventh of the eleventh, consumers can get a free regular coffee, free large Slurpee or free 7-Eleven Iced Coffee with any purchase including fuel.*

Each year, hundreds of customers take the 7-Eleven Day celebrations to the next level by dressing up in costumes and taking creative pictures of their 7-Eleven Day moment for the chance to win $711. There’s a prize awarded every hour for 24 hours through the 7-Eleven Facebook page for the best pictures.

7-Eleven General Manager Marketing, Julie Laycock says the day is all about celebrating and thanking customers.

“We love our customers, and 7-Eleven Day is a great chance for us to celebrate, and shout them a coffee or a Slurpee to say thanks. It’s a really fun day in-store, we’re excited to see everyone’s costumes and creative photos, and we’d love to get as many Australians as possible to come and celebrate with us,” Ms Laycock said.

If customers are shopping with family or friends, to make sure no one misses out you can get a freebie with every item purchased*. There are some great deals starting at 20c to make sure as many people as possible can score a giveaway item on 7-Eleven Day.

Ms Laycock said that there are a range of freebie options.

“The free Slurpee was the most popular choice in 2018, but I expect 7-Eleven coffee fans to give them a run for their money this year. Customers looking for a low sugar Slurpee option or who want to reduce their single cup use can participate too. Our coffee machines have low fat and full cream milk, and every store has at least one Slurpee Low Sugar option to choose from. Slurpee cups and coffee cups can be recycled in our Simply Cups recycling units that are now in more than 500 stores nationally, or customers can use their Slurpee bottles, or a reusable cup for their free regular coffee as well,” she said.

The 7-Eleven Australia team is hoping to celebrate with more than 200,000 customers on the day.

“Our store and support office teams work together to help delight our customers with giveaways on the day. It takes a lot of work to serve so many customers and keep those coffee machines filled and Slurpee barrels pouring on the day but it’s a lot of fun. Our support office teams take the chance to help our store teams so we can celebrate and thank our customers together. We hope to see as many Australians as possible enjoying the day with us,” Ms Laycock concluded.

  *Transactions that include tobacco or tobacco related products are not eligible for this promotion.