7-Eleven Eden's Crossing now open with six new team members

01 June 2020

Experienced store manager Casey Reese is leading a team of 10, which includes six new employees, at the newly opened 7-Eleven Eden’s Crossing.

The new store is located at the corner of Mt Juillerat Drive and Sunbird Drive, with Eden’s Crossing locals dropping into their new neighbourhood store as soon as it opened. Ms Reece said the team are excited to be able to welcome new customers to the store.

“We had our first customer drop in less than four minutes after we opened the doors, and we were thrilled to meet the first of our new regular customers. It’s tricky time to be opening a new store, but the team and I are really pleased to be able to provide our locals with food, fuel and other essentials in their local neighbourhood,” Ms Reese said.

The store is one of the brand’s corporately operated stores, with a number of locals taking advantage of the new store to join the 7-Eleven team.

The new store will feature the products and services customers expect to see from 7-Eleven.

Customers will be able to shop and fill up the car 24/7, with a good range of everyday essentials available. There’s a large range of fresh food, coffee and treat options to choose from. From our classic hot pastries and handmade, delivered daily, sandwiches, to newer options such as salads and sushi range, there’s something for everyone. The new store will have 7-Eleven’s $1 freshly ground coffee, Slurpee including Slurpee Low Sugar options, and the popular Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

Eden’s Crossing locals can continue to take advantage of the 7-Eleven Fuel app. Drivers can lock in the cheapest fuel price locally available at the five closest local 7-Eleven stores, and redeem it anytime in the next seven days at any 7-Eleven fuel store. As a bonus the 7-Eleven Fuel app also has regular offers on the great range of products instore.

7-Eleven National Manager Corporate Stores Marc Costabile, said that in addition to the in-store offer, the 7-Eleven Fuel App is popular in Queensland.

“Motorists from Queensland have been great supporters of  My 7-Eleven Fuel App. Since January 2017, Queensland drivers using the 7-Eleven Fuel App have saved an average of $5.36 per fill (average 15 cents per litre saving),” Mr Costabile said.

The Eden’s Crossing store will offer Mobil brand fuels including Supreme 98, Extra 95, Special E10, Special Unleaded 91 and Special Diesel.