7-Eleven is leading the cup recycling revolution!

Coffee cups are currently not recycled in Australia which means more than one billion takeaway cups will end up in landfill this year.  It’s a serious problem and as one of the leading coffee destinations in Australia, we want to be part of the solution. To help address this, 7-Eleven is the pioneering partner of Simply Cups, a program establishing cup recycling in Australia.

Our commitment
Working with Simply Cups, 7-Eleven will install dedicated bins in 200 7-Eleven stores nationally in early 2018, as well as fund 50 other large-scale locations including offices, universities and construction sites. While we can’t collect every takeaway cup in Australia, we hope to inspire other companies and organisations to follow suit and also commit to recycling takeaway cups.
More importantly, our aim is that for every 7-Eleven coffee cup or paper Slurpee cup sold in-store, an equivalent cup will be recycled – that’s more than 70 million cups per year!  Every day we’re building up to this volume, so join the movement and save your cups.  

What can you do to help?
There are a number of ways you can help support cup recycling in Australia:

  • Dispose of your coffee cup or paper Slurpee cup in the special Simply Cups bins at participating 7-Eleven stores (these will be available early next year)
  • Help us lead the charge, by telling your friends, family and local community about your efforts through #cuprescue
  • Get your local community or workplace to install a Simply Cups bin to be part of the solution to #cuprescue and avoid landfill. Visit www.simplycups.com.au to get on board.