Supplier Code of Conduct

7-Eleven is a family owned business, and operates through a franchise model in its branded stores. We have corporate values in our internal dealing and with our franchisees, and we are keen to ensure that these extend to our supplier partners. 7-Eleven is a significant and attractive trading partner with strong systems and programs. We trust that suppliers will see these benefits and would bring new opportunities to 7-Eleven first, and work with our business to delight our customers.

7-Eleven’s mission:

To be the best in Australia, at meeting the ever changing needs of the convenience customer

Our vision:

Our vision is to maintain our position as 1st Choice in terms of customer preference and market share through sustainable growth, operating our business at the highest level of ethical standards.

Our values:

Our values define the spirit of 7-Eleven, and are at the very heart of who we are, and how we conduct business with all our key stakeholders.

Our five values are:

  • We act with fairness and integrity. We act with sensitivity and embrace the highest standards. We are part of a community and will behave with respect and social responsibility.

  • We strive for excellence. We are restless, hungry to be better and always learning. We pride ourselves on our standards and look to always improve upon them.

  • We will be bold in our endeavours. We seek to be courageous and to challenge ourselves, and our brands, in all that we do.

  • We place customers at the heart of what we do. We use insight to drive our thinking and continually strive to satisfy their ever changing needs through innovation and creativity.

  • We care. We value and respect our people and the relationships that define our business. We seek and value diversity in our teams and partnerships. The safety and welfare of everyone who touches our business is of the utmost importance.

Principles of Fair Dealing

Both parties must at all times deal fairly and lawfully. Fair and lawful dealing will be understood as requiring both parties to conduct their trading relationships in good faith, without distinction between formal and informal arrangements, without duress, and in recognition of the other parties need for certainty as regards the risks and costs of trading, particularly in relations to production, delivery and payment issues. All dealings must be for the good of the companies, and no personal conflict of interest can be allowed.

Nothing in our Code restricts either organisation’s staff, from working assertively, diligently, and honestly to make great commercial deals. We are adamant though, that mutuality be part of these negotiations or arrangements.

7-Eleven internally has clear and precise levels of delegated authority for all management, and expects these will be adhered to. If any supplier has a query on these levels in a particular situation they are welcome to raise it with the contacts below. No inducements should be offered to individuals to influence the commercial terms of the trading relationship. 7-Eleven has an internal code of conduct for our staff and management, and any acceptance of hospitality has to be appropriate and reported on an internal gift registry. 

Role of Supplier Agreement

Our Code of Conduct relies on a strong Supplier Agreement to be in place between 7-Eleven and the supplier. This process typically takes place annually with some select suppliers having extended contracts.

7-Eleven completes all financial transactions with franchisees through a Franchise Agreement. No payments should be made direct to franchisees without 7-Eleven’s express permission, and any rebates, prizes or payment in kind must be reported to 7-Eleven.

Dispute Resolution

Should a concern or a dispute arise, 7-Eleven will always negotiate in good faith to resolve the issue and we require the same from suppliers. Should a supplier be concerned about any actions or activities from 7-Eleven staff or management that may infringe this code, we would request immediate contact to 7-Eleven Head Office at (03) 9541 0711 or you can contact us via email at