More Information - Selfie

To activate and use Pay & Go you need to upload a photo of your face.  The photo will be vetted by an algorithm to ensure it is a valid human face.  To help with this, ensure that the photo is of you, and ensure that:

  • there's nothing covering your face (eg. no masks or sunglasses)
  • the photo is the right way up
  • you are close enough to see your face clearly

When you visit a Participating Store and use Pay & Go to purchase Pay & Go products, your photo will be visible to the store team member on the in-store monitor.  Your photo helps to:

  • let our team recognise you in-store and provide you with help
  • discourage others from using your Pay & Go account
  • let staff know that you have paid for your items before leaving the store or forecourt.

You can change or delete your photo at any time through the app Account & Settings > Selfie.  Your photo will not be used by 7-Eleven for any other purpose.  We manage and use your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and My 7-Eleven App Terms and Conditions.