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7-Eleven Australia today announced that Thankyou Water has commenced rolling out across its store network with stock expected to be on sale in the first stores today. Stock is expected to be available in all stores by the end of this week.

7-Eleven’s Head of Marketing, Julie Laycock, says the 7-Eleven team is very excited to be able to offer the social enterprise product to its customers.
“Our team, like our customers, is interested in Thankyou Water and its potential to create positive change through access to safe water in developing African and South East Asian nations. We make decisions about the products we range based on the needs of our customers. Thanks to so many people letting us know they wanted to buy Thankyou Water, we knew the product would fulfill a need for our customers,” Julie said. 
“Because of our network size, we had to be sure that the Thankyou Water team had everything in place in terms of supply and distribution before we could stock the product in our stores. We are thrilled their team has been able give us everything we needed to get stock into stores so quickly.”
“7-Eleven is pleased that we can provide a great product for our customers, assist in creating positive change and support a social enterprise company led by fantastic young businesspeople,” she said. 
Thankyou Water founder, Dan Flynn, 22, is excited about the announcement.
“Being stocked by 7-Eleven means that we can give more people the chance to make a change by simply drinking a bottle of water,” Dan said. 
“The purchase of one bottle of Thankyou Water provides safe drinking water for one person for at least one month. Since people will be able to get Thankyou Water at any 7-Eleven store, it will be easy for everyone to make a difference for someone in the developing world,” he said.
“The support for Thankyou Water, especially on social media, has been fantastic so we are looking forward to turning that support into sales so we can fund more water projects,” Dan concluded.