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Message to Claimants

A message to claimants from the CEO


Dear Claimant,

I want to inform you that following discussions with the Fels Panel over recent weeks 7-Eleven has decided to transition the claims process for past under-payment of wages to an independent unit within 7-Eleven.

I want to assure you that:

  • All claims currently submitted, including yours, will be dealt with through the existing process which remains open
  • The confidentiality of your claim will continue to be protected as a matter of priority
  • It is my intention to accelerate the payout of legitimate claims.

If you have any questions relating to your claim, I encourage you to contact the Secretariat on 1800 619 802.

I am personally committed to ensuring those who have been subjected to past underpayment of wages receive their due entitlements.



Angus McKay

Chief Executive Officer