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7-Eleven reiterates its commitment to upholding worker entitlements and re-states its support for a robust and well regulated convenience retail sector in Australia, following the release of Coalition policy proposals on workplace compliance and oversight.

7-Eleven has and will continue to accept its responsibility for the underpayment of wages that have happened within its network of franchisees.

It is imperative that 7-Eleven and the industry more generally have workplaces that are fair and transparent and open to scrutiny to ensure all workers receive their entitlements, employers meet their obligations and sanctions are available where appropriate.

The wage claim process remains open and all claims that have been lodged will be processed as quickly as possible and all legitimate claims will be paid. The confidentiality of claimants will be maintained and is paramount.

7-Eleven expects to be able to pay more claimants more quickly as a result of the company’s decision to take control of the repayment process.

421 claims totalling more than $16.7 million have so far been approved.