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Robert Gottliebsen (‘Time the Coalition thought small’, 8/9) asserts that 7-Eleven opposed “the small franchise /worker protection act which helps 79,000 small franchisees” and implies that the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) runs at our behest.

While 7-Eleven is a longstanding member of the FCA, along with hundreds of others in the franchising industry, we are not represented on the Board of the FCA nor play any role in the governance or direction of the FCA. Assuming Mr Gottliebsen’s reference is to the FCA’s lobbying on the Government’s Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill, 7-Eleven has taken a substantially different position to the FCA.

7-Eleven has consistently and publicly supported the Government’s proposed legislation and the principles underpinning it, in a letter to all federal parliamentarians in February, in our submission to the Senate inquiry into the Bill in April, and as recently as earlier this week in a media release welcoming the passage of the legislation and calling for further reforms.

To suggest that 7-Eleven opposed the Government’s legislation, controls the FCA or supports its lobbying against the Government’s Fair Work amendments, is poorly researched and patently incorrect. 


Angus McKay

Chief Executive Officer

7-Eleven Australia