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Letter to Editor – misleading video content

In the online versions of Adele Ferguson’s column regarding the parliamentary inquiry into the Franchising Code ('Inherently unfair': the human misery of franchising - The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times - 9 June 2018), appears a video titled ‘Fresh 7-Eleven Wage Abuse Claims’ and captioned ‘Former 7-Eleven employee, Bharat Khanna, says underpayment of wages is still continuing with current 7-Eleven employees.’ There is no date reference on the video.

This is grossly misleading. The ABC 7.30 Report story included in the video aired on 3 September 2015, and Mr Khanna has not made any recent claims of wage underpayment in our franchise network.

The video and claims made in it are more than two years old, and have been comprehensively and publicly addressed. If Fairfax insists on repeatedly posting historical material, it should clearly be dated, and titled and captioned as such, and not misleadingly presented as current news.