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ABC’s refusal to share information hampers investigation

7-Eleven’s investigation into alleged wage fraud at the Brisbane store is continuing, but has been materially hampered by the refusal of the ABC to share their evidence, and the unwillingness of the complainant to come forward.

The ABC’s stated reason for declining this request is to protect the identity of the whistleblower. However the ABC fully knows that 7-Eleven has been aware of her identity since the initial story, and that we have approached the former staff member directly several times encouraging her to come forward in order for us to fully investigate her claims and recover the $6,000 she claims she is owed. However, she has repeatedly declined to do so.

Therefore there is no valid reason for the ABC not to share their unedited footage and other information to assist our investigation.

7-Eleven’s investigators have conducted around 20 conversations with most current and former staff of this store. They have also spoken with the Franchisee of the store on several occasions, and reviewed the store’s records. Our investigation remains open and ongoing, and we encourage anyone with information to submit it to us in order that we may investigate it.

As committed to in our Proactive Compliance Deed with the Fair Work Ombudsman, we are also sharing information pertaining to our investigation with the FWO.

We are continuing to examine information obtained through the investigation, including the additional claim reported by the ABC today. However, this claim has been made by a person who admits to stealing from the store, and who has explicitly told us he is unwilling to make any formal statement corroborating the allegations against the Franchisee. On the basis of our investigation thus far, and the material published by the ABC, there is currently not enough evidence to prove any allegation of wage fraud to the standard required for 7-Eleven to take action under the law.

We take all allegations of wrongdoing seriously and will investigate them comprehensively through our internal investigations unit and specialized external investigators. We will continue to follow proper investigative procedures ensuring thorough and robust investigations, that can support any required action against the Franchisee, and adhere to the ‘worker-focused’ approach outlined in the Proactive Compliance Deed with the FWO. We will not engage in a running media commentary on investigations which would only serve to undermine this.