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7-Eleven Welcomes Fair Work Ombudsman’s Legal Action Against Franchisee

7-Eleven welcomes the Fair Work Ombudsman’s (FWO) legal action against a Brisbane franchisee announced today.

7-Eleven has been collaborating with the FWO’s investigation into these alleged historic wage underpayments dating back to Jul-Nov 2014.

There should be no doubt that we have zero tolerance of wage fraud, and any Franchisee proven to be engaging in this behaviour will be terminated from our network.

Over the past year 7-Eleven has made a significant investment in industry-leading initiatives across the Franchisee network, including a bio-metric time clock system and centralised payroll system, and a significant increase in field-level investigation and compliance activity, to ensure that all store team members receive the wages and conditions applicable under the relevant award.

We have also used our experience to propose a range of critical industry reforms to underpin standards and entrench ethical behaviours across Australia’s franchise sector.

7-Eleven’s Wage Repayment Program is continuing to meet our commitment to address the historic underpayment of franchisee employee wages, as quickly and as fairly as possible. Almost $50 million has been paid out so far to nearly 1,300 claimants, and we continue to encourage any legitimate claimants to contact the Secretariat on 1800 619 802 or

It has become increasingly evident that wage underpayment is shockingly widespread in parts of the Australian economy. 7-Eleven has acted swiftly and comprehensively in an effort to stamp out these practices within our own network, to repay our Franchisees’ employees, and to propose industry reforms we believe will help address the issue. We will continue these efforts, and our collaboration with the FWO and others, to ensure our franchised store network operates at the highest standard.