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7-Eleven Wage Repayment Program Delivering on Commitments

7-Eleven’s Wage Repayment Program is delivering in line with commitments, continuing to finalise claims quickly and appropriately with a robust process that puts the interests of franchisees’ employees at its centre.

As at 12 August 2016, two and a half months since its launch, the Wage Repayment Program has approved 227 claims, adding to the 421 approved under the previous process.  A total of over $24 million in wage repayments have been approved to date.

The majority of claims yet to be assessed are waiting on claimants to provide basic threshold information – specifically, certified proof of identity and a breakdown of the claimed hours and days for time worked at a 7-Eleven store. 

The independent Secretariat, operated by Deloitte, has escalated its outreach activities to these claimants, encouraging them to submit this threshold information and assisting them to do so where required. 

Over the past 10 months, the independent Secretariat has contacted these claimants multiple times, and this effort will continue to ensure that all legitimate claims are brought forward and finalised as quickly as possible.

In line with strict confidentiality protocols, the independent Secretariat holds all claimants’ documentation and this is not disclosed without the claimants’ consent.  Therefore, any claimant with a question or concern about their claim is encouraged to contact the Secretariat directly on 1800 619 802.

7-Eleven strongly urges any claimant who has not yet provided threshold information, or any former or current franchisees’ staff who believe they have not been paid their full entitlements, to contact the independent Secretariat on 1800 619 802 or