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7-Eleven gives greater choice to fuel pricing with the launch of a world first app

7-Eleven has today launched a new app to help drivers lock in the best local fuel price at its 434 fuel stores – no matter where they are.

The new 7-Eleven Fuel App is a global first and allows drivers to search their five nearest 7-Eleven Fuel Stores to find the lowest price on fuel. Consumers can then ‘lock in’ that price and redeem petrol for that amount at any 7-Eleven store in the country within seven days.

The innovative new concept means motorists can redeem the best local deal on fuel purchases regardless of which 7-Eleven fuel store they fill up at, and is an exclusive product available to 7-Eleven customers.

The app is the first of its kind as it uses a customer’s current location and real time fuel price data to allow them to lock in their best local fuel price.

The app searches for the best local 7-Eleven fuel price using a unique algorithm and geo-location technology. Users then register for a 7-Eleven digital wallet and select the type and volume of fuel they would like to purchase. Customers then ‘lock in’ an amount of fuel up to their 7-Eleven wallet balance. Motorists can then fill up at any 7-Eleven fuel outlet and complete the transaction in-store by scanning the barcode on the App.

Paul Wallace, Digital Marketing Manager at 7-Eleven said the new app was part of 7-Eleven’s ongoing efforts to provide new and exclusive products to customers. “The 7-Eleven Fuel App is a world first innovation that forms a key part of our strategy to continue to be Australia’s number one convenience store. The launch of this App is about providing customers with digital products that are easy to use and allow them greater choice when purchasing fuel.”

If the price of petrol at the store is lower than what customers have ‘locked in’ then the lower price is what they pay. Also, if the price expires after 7 days, customers can ‘lock in’ another amount of fuel up to their 7-Eleven digital wallet balance which can then be spent in-store at any 7-Eleven without affecting their locked-in price. Paying for fuel only occurs when customers fill up at the 7-Eleven Store.

“Unlike fuel discount schemes, the Fuel App doesn’t require customers to spend money in-store to redeem fuel savings,” said Paul Wallace.

The App has been in planning and development for over 18 months. After a rigorous five month pilot involving all 628 stores across Australia including customer testing and feedback, the app was officially launched on the 3rd March.

The 7-Eleven Fuel App is available on both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.