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7-Eleven disappointed by EPA Victoria’s pre-emptive statement

The Environment Protection Authority Victoria has issued a statement this morning that they have fined 7-Eleven for failing to remove hydrocarbons from beneath our Newport premise in a timely manner.

7-Eleven received a notice of infringement from the EPA last Friday, and we’re still working through the facts. A response to the notice is not required until July, and it is open to 7-Eleven to contest the infringement.

We have already shared information with the EPA that shows the issue is not as clear-cut as it has alleged, and we are seeking further advice in relation to the matter. Recent testing suggests there could be other causal factors than what the EPA has alleged.

The EPA’s claim that we have failed to act upon the issue since first detected is incorrect. In 2015, 7-Eleven detected some levels of contamination but which did not warrant active remediation. 7-Eleven instituted monitoring at the site, and subsequent testing in late 2016 revealed that the levels of hydrocarbons were rising. Upon receipt of this report, we instructed our consultants to investigate further and to take appropriate remedial action, which is still in process.

7-Eleven is disappointed by the EPA’s pre-emptive statement before the proper processes have been fully worked through.