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7-Eleven Confirms Payment of Payroll Tax in NSW and Victoria

Contrary to allegations contained in recent media reports, 7-Eleven meets all of its tax obligations, in full and on time, wherever they fall due.

7-Eleven has in fact paid almost $9 million in payroll tax in NSW and Victoria over the past three years that the media reports focus on.  

Moreover, it was 7-Eleven that approached the Victorian state revenue office (SRO) in October last year, to seek their advice on whether there were any state tax implications arising out of the franchisee wage underpayment issue.  7-Eleven has therefore been working with the Victorian SRO, who is also acting on behalf of the other states, on this issue for nearly 12 months. These discussions are well advanced.

7-Eleven has been proactive, transparent and compliant in respect of its payroll and other tax obligations.  The accusation that the company dodges its tax obligations is appalling, disgraceful and untrue.

We also note that franchisees’ businesses are assessed for tax under their corporate or individual names, not the name “7-Eleven”.  It is also the case that, based on the thresholds set by the relevant state governments, we would expect only a small minority of 7-Eleven franchisees would in any event be liable to pay payroll taxes.   Any search for relevant tax records would need to take account of these basic matters of fact.