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7-Eleven calls on the ABC to share its evidence and support our investigation into alleged wage fraud

7-Eleven is appalled by the allegations raised by the ABC regarding potential wage fraud at a Brisbane store, and calls on the ABC to share any information it has to assist our investigation.

“There should be no doubt that we have zero tolerance of wage fraud,” said 7-Eleven’s CEO Angus McKay.

“We have aggressively investigated the claims since they were shared with us last week. If they are proven, we will act upon any illegal Franchisee activity, up to and including termination of their Franchise Agreement. Until they are proven or otherwise, it is unfair to jump to conclusions.”

7-Eleven’s investigation has included speaking with almost all current and former staff, and the Franchisee of this store. No staff member has raised concerns with us about wage payments or practices at this store, either prior to the ABC’s allegations or throughout our investigation.

The former staff member involved in the ABC’s story has declined several invitations to come forward, despite claiming to be $6,000 out of pocket. 7-Eleven encourages her to do so, to assist our investigation and ensure we can pursue her employer to recover any monies found to be owed to her or to other staff.

“We repeat our calls to the ABC to share all information it has pertaining to its story, including the unedited covert audio and video footage, to assist our investigation and help us take any appropriate action in a timely manner, including supporting the staff members,” said Mr McKay.

“Our commitment to stamping out these practices within our franchised network of stores, and to repaying staff members found to have been disadvantaged, is absolute.”

7-Eleven has made a significant investment in industry-leading initiatives across the Franchisee network, including a bio-metric time clock system and centralised payroll system, and enhanced field-level investigation and compliance activity, to ensure all store team members receive their correct wages and conditions. 7-Eleven’s voluntary Wage Repayment Program has paid out almost $53 million to 1,335 claimants, and continues to encourage legitimate claimants to come forward.

“We will continue these efforts, and our collaboration with the FWO and others, to ensure our franchised store network operates at the highest standard. The ABC appears to be in a position to support our efforts by informing this investigation, and we look forward to their assistance.”