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7-Eleven Announces Sole Fuel Supply Agreement With Mobil

7-Eleven Stores Pty. Ltd. today announced it will enter into a sole supply agreement with Mobil Oil

Australia Pty. Ltd. from January 1, 2012.
According to Chief Executive Officer Warren Wilmot, the company currently sources fuel from both Shell and Mobil.
“Prior to our acquisition of the Mobil retail sites we worked with Shell to supply our stores for eight years. The Mobil retail stores of course sourced fuel from Mobil,” Mr Wilmot said.
National Fuel Manager John Pettit says a one supplier agreement will provide synergies and better economy of scale.
“Although the security of a dual supply arrangement can be attractive it has been far outweighed on this occasion by the commercial benefits realised through leveraging our total volume through the one supply arrangement. By consolidating our fuel supply base we also leverage existing logistics arrangements which will enable us to more efficiently and effectively deliver fuel to each of our stores,” Mr Pettit said.
“We have grown and evolved with the acquisition and Mobil Oil Australia has provided us with an agreement that gives us what we need for the next phase of our business. We are very happy to be working with Mobil to ensure we continue to provide quality fuel to our customers,” he said. Mr Wilmot thanked Shell for their long-term support.
“Shell has been an outstanding supplier for our business and in recognition of these efforts won the 7-Eleven Supplier of the Year award in 2010,” Mr Wilmot said.
“Great people from Shell have worked with us over the last eight years, and it’s been a fantastic partnership. While at this stage another supplier has provided more suitable arrangements for us, we look forward to maintaining a working relationship with Shell throughout 2011 and beyond.”
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