Store leader profile: Reasat Reza

20 December 2018

Convenience and Impulse Magazine

A number of 7-Eleven CBD stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have been transformed over the past 18 months into sleek and stylish stores with an inviting new layout.

The central business district stores are focused on customers’ specific needs for those locations, with increased space allocated to food and drinks, including coffee.

7-Eleven GM Corporate Affairs Clayton Ford said: “The format gives more space for coffee and 7-Eleven fresh food such as sandwiches, sushi, hot pastry, sweet treats and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. There is also a specialised bakery range, delivered fresh into store each day”.

The 7-Eleven convenience store on Clarence Street is one such store which has been refurbished and is thriving from the changes.

The Clarence Street Franchisee Reasat said there were a lot of things that she liked about the new store layout.

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