People profile: Merean Isaac, Store Team Member

01 June 2020

Merean Isaac is one of the friendly faces at 7-Eleven Roxburgh Park, one of the busiest 7-Eleven stores in Australia.

She can serve about 800 customers in an average eight hour shift at her store, which is in one of Melbourne’s growing outer suburbs.

“Most 7-Eleven stores can get really busy, our store has been doing 1200 coffees a day. My role is doing my bit in managing these rushes as well as making sure shift duties are met, providing excellent customer service, as well as maintaining a positive environment where everyone is taken care of,” Ms Isaac said. 

“What I like most about being part of the 7-Eleven team is that it provides us with an energetic and positive environment, where team members are cared for and are valued. The 7-Eleven team and managers are honest, kind and helpful to each other in all situations, and are always fair to their employees.”

The busy student, who also fits her studies for her psychology course into her schedule, was initially attracted to apply to join the team at the Roxburgh Park store by the brand and the products. She soon found that the job provided her with more than she expected.

“I chose to work for 7-Eleven because it’s a very well-known company. My friends and family have always boasted about their coffee and the goods and services so when I saw the advertisement, I thought it would be a very good opportunity to apply. However, when I started working there, I saw that it was more than I expected. My job has provided me with an amazing working environment where I actually enjoy coming into work,” she said.

“I believe this role has increased my confidence, not only in working generally but in the retail business. I have learned many great values and skills that I will take with me everywhere. I’m always given challenges that help me enhance my skills, such as stepping up my leadership skills or helping my manager when needed. My role has taught me how to manage and deal with customers and how to reach goals. Most importantly, it provides me a fantastic work environment where I am able to enjoyably meet my work responsibilities.”

While she enjoys her job, Merean says it isn’t without its challenges.

“I think the biggest challenges I face in my job are multi-tasking, with such a busy store, it can be tricky at times, and dealing with difficult customers. While most of our customers are lovely, some can sometimes be tough to deal with,” Ms Isaac said.

The role of a store team member is a busy one, but for the right people, offers a great chance to develop key skills.

“The skills that would position someone for success in this role is having a positive attitude, a good work ethic and a willingness to put their all into their position. For people who want to be exposed to opportunities that help them develop and learn, then I think 7-Eleven is the place for you! You can really step out of your comfort zone and even develop your career,” Ms Isaac concluded.