People profile: Sandra Kais, Corporate Store Manager

06 March 2019

Career Journey

I started my journey with 7-Eleven about a year and a half ago. To say that time has been jam packed would be an understatement! I've trained around 100 new employees, became the first multi-site store manager in Victoria, undergone numerous challenges and everything in between! My journey continues to evolve and I’m constantly looking forward to what the next step of it may be!

What is the best thing about being a woman?

Where do I start??? I love having the confidence to explore my capabilities. I surprise myself with my ‘no fear’ attitude and the fact that I always get things done! Over the years, through life and experiences, I’ve learnt that women are strength and vulnerability in a beautiful equal balance. They have the capabilities to be rulers and conquerors, listeners and healers, mothers and wives. In my eyes, there’s absolutely no challenge a woman can't undertake, she'll never say no, she'll say, 'Stand back and watch'!

What Inspires you?

It may sound cliché, but my biggest inspiration is my mum! She’s had more than her fair share of challenges in her life but there has never been a solitary moment she ever gave up. My mum is to me, everything I aspire to be. She is love, she is strength, and she is wisdom. She is care, she is nurturing. She is a warrior.

What do you think are the biggest challenges for women when trying to move up or develop their careers?

I feel women aren’t given the exposure or enough opportunity they deserve. Unfortunately we live in a world of old school mentality. Women have to work twice as hard to show they’re more than capable. As long as society has a majority mind set of men being providers and women being home-makers, there will always be a challenge. However, I have to say, in comparison to yesteryear, there has been a shift in equality. This is because women are starting to find their voice. Women are standing for women and they're not being deterred. They now realise a knock back is nothing but a bump in the road. There's still a long way to go but the determination and will of a women is endless. Watch this space!

What does the theme of #balanceforbetter this International Women’s Day mean to you?

This theme excites me! Implementing a worldwide movement on gender equality is where we need to be.  It puzzles me how we are so fast moving in so many ways, so forward thinking but at the same time, so archaic. Gender equality, across all fronts is moving slow. Society needs to embrace that women can be mums and boardroom directors and men can be dads and secretaries. The expectations and perceptions that people have are what holds us back. I have no doubt that men would thrive on more time at home, with families, just enjoying life. Society has made all of this taboo. We need to make a change from the inside out. We need the right people on board to start that change.