People profile: Melanie Stocker, Corporate Store Manager

05 March 2019

Career Journey

I started at 7-Eleven as a team member at the Pakenham store in December 2016 where I mainly worked night shift. After nine months I applied for an assistant manager position in the district in October 2017. I ran the Pakenham store as an assistant manager for six months and was promoted to a corporate store manager when the Cranbourne Amstel store opened. After managing Cranbourne Amstel I recently have moved back to manage both the Pakenham and new Narre Warren store.

What is the best thing about being a woman?

That’s tough... I’ll use my partner as an example to answer this one because some of the best things about women are the things that often go unnoticed; understanding, caring, compromising, strong (mentally), having to work hard because who wants to take the easy way to achieve something?

What inspires you?

Lots of things! Seeing other successful women who are motivated and determined. Watching others learn, develop and achieve. My daughter, because it’s tough being a teenage girl but regardless of what happens she always remains the same kind and caring person. Kindness is inspiring because it’s so easy but it’s also something that we don’t share enough of.

What do you think are the biggest challenges for women when trying to move up or develop their careers?

Self-doubt would be a big one. Women tend to be over thinkers and not believing in ourselves or our abilities holds us back from applying for a higher role. Confidence in our own abilities or being able to “wing it” and learn as we go when applying for a new job or role. If we don’t fit all of the job requirements we tend to look for something else that fits better instead of applying with the intention of learning in the role.

The assumption that we always have to be the primary caregiver at home and of family members. Women tend to be the first one to give up whatever they have to, to take care of a sick family member or deal with a family situation.

What does the theme of #balanceforbetter this International Women’s Day mean to you?

Hopefully that we’re working towards a better balance of genders in everything we do.