People Profile: Lynita Halaska, Learning and Development Lead NSW/ACT | 7-Eleven Australia

05 March 2020

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #EachforEqual. For Lynita Halaska, Learning and Development Lead NSW/ACT, Each for Equal is about a future where a balanced workforce is the status quo.

“It’s not about having to try to have a balanced workforce. It’s about people being recognised on their individual merit and achievement. It’s not about women having to work harder, be smarter,  stronger or more courageous. It’s not about having to choose between a career and family as if one will suffer if we choose the other. It is about being truly equal as people,” Lynita says.

“I have three kids. We have to create an equal world for them and their generation. I can see the stereotypes that they face each and every day through the eyes of a parent. I want for them to have the same opportunities and be looked at as just simply people who have different skills and attributes.”

Lynita started with Mobil as a coach for new store managers in 2005. Following the acquisition of the Mobil retail outlets by 7-Eleven Australia in 2010, she took the opportunity to join the 7-Eleven training team.

“I jumped at the chance to move into a training role and was lucky enough to be successful. The evolution from trainers to learning and development specialists has been interesting. People are at the core of what makes any business successful so to be part of helping them develop their skills is important to me. I draw energy from people, and every person I come into contact with has an impact,” Lynita says.

In recognition of her skills and capabilities, Lynita was promoted in 2019, becoming the Learning and Development Lead for NSW/ACT.

“I was so proud to take on my new role. I’ve been lucky enough to have made some incredible relationships within the state and wider 7-Eleven business. Without these I would not think the same about the part I play in 7-Eleven. I work with an amazing team of people; we all think so differently. They push me to stretch my own thinking and look at things from a different perspective. The support and guidance I have received, particularly over the last two years, has fostered a curiosity for learning,” she says.

Lynita’s personal growth and contribution, particularly over the past two years, saw her recognised as part of the 2019 7-Eleven Spirit Awards. Alongside co-winner, colleague, and husband Daniel, who is a Regional Manager in NSW, she won the Delight Customers award in recognition of the service and support she provides to her stakeholders.

While 2019 saw some of the moments Lynita is most proud of professionally, she says it’s the moments that don’t go to plan that have provided more personal growth.

“The moments I learn most from are the failures, because the hard experiences have forced me to grow and see the opportunities I have to develop.”

Other than her colleagues, Lynita says she has many inspirational women in her life.

“There are some amazing women in my life. I have a sister in law who is a person that can handle anything and everything. She’s worked her way up in her career, and is a chief operating officer for South Asia Pacific for an import/export company. She’s also the mum who organises the end of year camps, the year six farewells, family holidays, the list goes on. Her drive and determination inspires me,” Lynita says.

Her advice for others for being part of an equal and enabled world is to embrace who you are and help others to believe in their abilities.

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Lose words like bossy and emotional and replace them with direct and passionate. Recognise in others what you want people to recognise in you,” she concludes.