People profile: Lam Luu

01 July 2020

Lam Luu was looking for a role that was a new challenge which would help her develop her time management, customer service, and self-discipline skills when she joined 7-Eleven Australia from an assistant manager role at a fast food chain in late 2018.

“In my old role, there would be about eight to ten people on a shift but I wanted a new challenge where I could strive to increase my skills in winning customers, and develop a different skill set,” Ms Luu said.

Ms Luu works in one of the Chapel Street stores, one of Melbourne’s busiest streets. The eclectic mix of customers Lam gets to meet is something she really enjoys.

“I am lucky enough to be working on one of the busiest streets Melbourne. What I like most about the role is the opportunity to interact with various characters throughout the day. In this store I have been able to spend time getting to know lots of different local people which is interesting because each character brings something unique to your day. I want to give 200% to our customers from the second they step into the store to the second they walk out of the store. My strategy is to give our customers the best experience in convenience,” she said.

Lam says the systems in place at 7-Eleven Australia are impressive and the team at her store works together to provide excellent service in a well-maintained store for customers.

“Our company has the most engaging system that I've experienced in my career. From marketing, human resources, technology, communications, field managers and store managers, everybody does their best to make extraordinary products and experiences. Then as a team at a store level, we work hard to roll that out to our customers,’ Ms Luu said.

“When I start my shift, I check in with the night shift team member or my manager. It’s important to not only connect with your fellow team members but also understand clearly what happened in the last shift to prepare for what I need to focus on. When I am on shift, my challenge for myself is to provide an extraordinary experience for our customers and to do what I can to leave the store in an excellent condition for the next shift.”

To be successful as a team member Lam says that good people skills are really important.

“You need to have patience and have good awareness of what people need. Everyone leads such busy lives, and you never know what kind of day someone has had, so to give the best experience to your customers human connection is key. A simple ‘how is your day going’ and a smile, can really make a difference for someone who might have been having a bad day. You can make someone’s day so much better, and that little seed of happiness is something you have planted for both the customer and yourself. It’s a really nice feeling,” she said.