People profile: Casey Reese

30 May 2022

Providing our team members with opportunities to learn and develop in their career is important to us. So, when we see people like Chapter Member Casey Reese progress it’s really exciting.

Casey joined the team in 2017 as a console operator and took advantage of every opportunity to learn and take on new challenges.

“I progressed from Shift Supervisor to Assistant Store Manager, then Corporate Store Manager. From there, I got involved in being a multi-site Store Manager, a mentor to new leaders coming into our business and then became a relief Retail Business Manager where my job was to support and oversee about 12 stores,” Casey said.

According to Casey, seeing the People team ‘in their element’ during an online group recruitment process helped her see recruitment as an area she was interested in exploring.

“I could see they loved their job and I had never considered this kind of role before. But seeing them in action and reflecting on how much I enjoyed recruiting the right people for my team over the years made me realise it was something I could be good at and really enjoy.”

While the first role she applied for the in the People team wasn’t the right fit, Casey’s willingness to grow and her capabilities meant that when a secondment opportunity came up, she was encouraged to join the recruitment process.

“I got a call asking if I was still interested in a support office role because an entry level secondment had become available, and the hiring manager hadn’t forgotten about me from my previous interview. I jumped at the opportunity and was successful in securing the role.”

“My whole squad reached out to me before I started to welcome me to the team, which made me even more excited and made my first day less daunting.”

While Casey says her first two weeks in the role were hard, she’s now found her feet and feels her work is very rewarding.

“I love the people I work with. My squad and the People team are filled with amazing people who I get to support and be supported by every day. I really enjoy my new role as I know the work I do makes a big impact in stores,” she says.

“All the hard work and effort I have been putting into the new role, really paid off when I found out I would be staying longer. I feel my work is making a big difference and it is fantastic to know that the people around me agree and there was the opportunity to extend my secondment.”

Casey’s advice for others wanting to transition from a store role to the support office is to challenge themselves.

“Go for it! If you’re passionate about the role and have the drive to do your best, then it will be rewarding. Go in with an open mind and grab any opportunities that come your way in the process.”

Our investment in growth means there are opportunities available to join our team and develop. To view roles currently available, check out our job listings.


Casey Reece is standing in front of a 7-Eleven Coffee machine, in her store uniform and holding a bag of coffee beans.

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